Sunday, December 08, 2002

Just a test to see if this thing has magicaly started workign again, if it has look out world here comes some scandal well not just some scandal but a hell of alot of it:D now for the crunch *moves mouse towards publish*

Saturday, August 17, 2002

Just testing to see if THIS works..?

Monday, July 29, 2002

DAMN MY BAD TASTE i sent caroline a picture of this guy who in my opinion was rather handsome and well she said ew then she saiud he was ugly, DAMNIT . ohwell

hmm what else eventful ahs happened i went driving ... i think im going to speed going fast is soo much more fun then going slow. especialy in a Z3 oh yeah and i had the wierdest dream...

Even stranger dream last night started off I was at Hamilton island in a gold buggy we were right behind someone on a motor cycle anyways the guy on the motor cycle turned the corner then I heard Mick say shit did you see that then dad john and Mick all ran to see what had happened * I ran to the other side of the road where I wouldn’t have to look at it then I appeared over with them) I suddenly knew that the guy on the motorbike had turned a corner and went flying off the motor bike not just normal but like Marge um mm hmmm straight up

Any ways I suppose on his way down he had fallen into a drain as seen in figure one then I was down the drain I didn’t look and see the body but I climbed out at a normal pace as I was I saw a news bulleting like in movies something like” the mot horrible accidents has happened…. I think the work “again” was in there then it went on about some special recruitment team and it showed a squirrel up in the corner like news reports do it then showed one of the squirrels (it looked CGI) then it got mud thrown in its face (the mud was CGI) the other squirrels were bullying it

Then (of course) I was a squirrel and we were working our ways down towards the body we (of course) had to stop at all the acorns on the branch and we had a little dance (there were rows of parallel branches that’s what we were working ion) we’d kinda dance our way to the acorn then when we got them we did a dance and at the end you and your neighbour would knock them together and the tops would crack off then we would eat them but my partner went a head and started eating all of them then he says hey I think I found the body they were talking about except there’s not as much blood and guts and yucky mushy stuff as I had expected I ran , then I was in this sort of futuristic tunnel and it had information about they were closer to solving the mystery or who the guy was due to palms new voice DNA tracker (like Charlies angles) then I was on a bus with mom Mick and two of mom’s friends and we were going to test out this the software we saw a z4 and I was like Mick cool a z4 and he wis like yeah I know I saw it then I was like oh really what did its back lights look like he was like, all cool and stuff and then I was like ah hah it’s front was facing us

So to try out this new software we had to catch one of the new super fast trains so we went there and we did (apparently the doors on these trains are also super fast and only stay open for tree seconds we got on and were on the train for a while then I was woken up

There was another part may have been a separate dream where we were all sitting in the living room of an expensive house and Johns trying to move some huge chair that is up stairs to somewhere else that is upstairs they’re like john its not going to fit john smashed the chair into a locked door the door opens and I’m like “I bed the beds un main” and they’re all like hey lets see what is in side then the door bell rings mom ignores it I’m like mom there someone at the door mom answers it and says hi , he could possibly been the guy at Hamilton whop was like taking care of us.

Sunday, July 28, 2002

Damn no sexy guys at basket ball and that guy from basket ball (the one that was flirting with me) wasnt there though not next week but the week after his game is right after ours so i can talk to him then

not much happening today johns getting a honda prelude .....

Ive dont some drawing lately

After thinking about it i still want to move out the only reasons to stay are:
it would confust tutors
feel sorry for mom
free net access
free electricity water etc
hmmmm what else....

Saturday, July 27, 2002

Life is so incrediosly (my new word) boring when none of the following people are on an IM, Tom2 Luke Caroline Jason and if you had it you. But Jason is in Israel, Tom2 is "be right back" Luke is a bum Caroline isn't on and you don’t have Trillian / AOL IM / Yahoo IM / MSN IM (yuk) / ICQ

I have discovered drawing is quite a relaxing and noble pursuit. Though nothing is quite a worthy subject, except men of course :P.

I can't wait until I can leave home. All I need is a job and I'm out of this place. I hate having to put up with John's lying, irresponsibility, lack of respect, lack of manners, lack of common sense, general stupidity, lack of self control, ignorance, unhygienic and every other fault a person can have.

Then there's is mom's complaining about how john is always coming in late so she gets no sleep, complaining that the house is crap and we need to fix all this stuff, complaining that there is too much for her to remember (she never lets anyone else organize everything thereby locking herself in as the sole responsible person), Her constantly too buisy to think about anything that I want because she is working out the budget for JOHN'S car getting info for JOHN'S assignments making sure she doesn’t stress JOHN (so he doesn’t get another "psychotic episode"). Apparently not stressing john involves ignoring me except when she wants to complain.

Dad is just generally stupid and has no sense of other people. He wakes me up early on Saturday to ask me if I want to go to towers. He is always in New York, Milan, France, London, or some other place. His lack of hygiene is worse than John's. He is the biggest hypocrite his whole line of work is based around saving the environment and yet at home he never recycles or remembers to turn off lights or saves water.

Then there's me. I cant do anything in this house I cant go out without worrying that my mom is going to be bored. I feel bad whenever I leave her alone. I cant put pictures of hot guys on the wall like most guys put hot chix on their walls. I am treated like a child "mike for dinner you can order pizza" because of course I'm not old enough to know HOW TO COOK DINNER. The only privacy I get is my computer which I can password protect so that means I can talk to guys online and that’s it. I'm too paranoid to meet people online because my mom always thinks they're going to be 40 year old men who want to kidnap me (back to the I'm not a child argument)

Why I can't move out
I have no income, though I am hoping to change that. Even if I did get an income I wouldn’t be able to afford living by my self, let alone the anxiety I would feel at night. I'd feel too bad for mom being stuck in that house hold alone with john and dad. I have no transport, though I suppose I could learn the bus system.

So far the reasons to leave outweigh the reasons to stay. Maybe I should talk to Ingrid. She is moving out soon I think. At least people might start taking me seriously. What are the chances I'll actually move out? Though my mom did move out when she was 17. But I always get so excited about stuff then never do it. So theoretically if I move out I might start taking my self seriously.

Monday, July 22, 2002

This blog entry is just a test entry to see if Bloger is still "broken"

Sunday, July 21, 2002

Well, long time no... blog. To be blunt the main catalyst for this entry was tonite's basketball game. For whatever reason I am completely sure that the only guy on the other team was gay and had a thing for me. (I know far too optimistic). Then I put some logic in. One guy on a team of chix. I'm pretty damn sure that that wouldnt often happen and gays generally gat along better with chixx. The fact that he tried to "grab" me kinda cemented my ideas. I made sure to shake his hand... Twice to give him the right idea. so Best basket ball game EVER. P.S. if your reading this my msn is pacmacjak@mac aol is thejunglebunnie yahoo is pacjunglebunnie and icq is 63347476

Friday, July 19, 2002

I dont value my friends enough, I probably value them mopre than most people but still yuo can naver value a true friend enough

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

I have lost the little respect that i had for john hes rude insulting he does things exclusively to impress other people (in a bad way) he's impolite he's not apreciative he doesnt realise what a good llife he has he has no empathy as far as i can tell he has no jimminy cricket as far as i can tell no little voice that tells him to stop this and that

on a lighter note i thinik i have an auditory memory which is really odd.... In my opinion its odd anyways