Saturday, May 11, 2002


Song: Cryin at the discothque because its palying
Mood: Happy i have my mouse back
"responder": Steve Jobbs so he can see how cool his computers are (he's the ceo of mac)
Game: Still Crazy Taxi
the folowing posts are th eold posts from my old blog which stopped working and i cant figure out why

Song: Lisa Lopez And one of the spice girls that song that goes : It's not the beginning its just the end things will never be the same again. because its relaxin and with all the stress of exams...
Mood: stressed exams
"Responder": still Freddy Prinze Jr Still because he is so damn H-O-T
Game: CrazyTaxi got over not having Jet Set Radio.
[5/9/2002 5:17:02 AM | Mike Brand]
well it seems that if i want my blog to be read by *anyone it has to say something mell my blogg says "hi welcome to my humble blogg"

anyways at school we have intiiated a "spoon system"n whereby any lame joke or stupid non good comment and the person who uttered it gets a spoon

i managed to avoid erin AAAAALLLLL day evenb in the subjects we have together which was a drama prac so it was kinda hard but i manged it was cool

exams are coming noooooooooooo two weeks or something too soon exams are baaaahhd theres no point to them i mean realy when are you going to go " i have to write a newspaper article on change comparing two different texts atleast in an hour when your not even allowed to have the texts with you!!!!!!!!!

the art and drama ones make sense you make something then they tell youn if they think it is good

business studies o dont see when you owould have to write a business plan in less that 2 hours do you?

physics screw physics its boring

lunch mmmmm

anyways........ ion a lighter note d minor

a spoon? damnit

[5/4/2002 9:22:51 PM | Mike Brand]
damnit i have to go to school tomorrow i have made up my mind not to go to basketball i dont wnat to see erin i dont know what to say

what would you say to one of your best friends maybe even your second best friend if they told someone your deepest secret ? ?

gwah boom


i was at the video shop and they had posters for A.I. and the others how good is that? i mean rillay

and i recomend you try "mozilla release candidate 1" its maaaaaad sooo much better than netscape 6.2 well a little better after all netscape is based off mozilla its opensource aswell so it is always getting better :)

geeeeez my blog must be really boring..... and the worst part is that you cant reply :) or maybe thats good

[5/4/2002 7:16:56 AM | Mike Brand]
more about the one thing...

it is like in art when i draw my silhouettes they look lifeless and i know that if i can somehow detail into that picture one thing

and my part i know it will be a flop unless i can think of one thing that i can have for people to do..... what?

[5/4/2002 7:06:01 AM | Mike Brand]
one thing

what is it?

what can mine be

everything to be succesfull just has to have one idea one concept one thing

what is mine?

[5/3/2002 4:48:50 AM | Mike Brand]
i just went and checked out carolines blog and since
it is so much better than mine and since i'm so competative
i'm going tio have to makie mine better!!!!!

on a non realted note

BROOKE IS EVIL she told everyone that i was gay!!!!!!!!
grrrrrr evil cow how did she find out


thats not the worst part erin the second person that i told that i was gay
told tom so not only did someone i dont like tell everyone i was gay
buta trusted friend broke that trust and told someone i dont want to go to
school tomorrow

[5/3/2002 1:01:27 AM | Mike Brand]
hey just a normal day today nothing eventful

apparently someone told brooke someone about me
and everytone knows brooke cant keep a secret so i'm skrewed

i'm going out for japanese tonight is
japanaese like all the other asian foods?

[5/2/2002 6:32:55 AM | Mike Brand]
hey i hope THIS one works eh figments hmmm
i may just never get used to calling you that :)
New ground rules;
1) I must give song of the post and why.
2) I must give a mood of the post and why.
3) No diving in the shallow end.
4) Who I wish was reading this.
5) Game of the post

Now on to the post.

Hopefully you will notice my use of some grammar and hopefully correct spelling. That is becasue exams are coming up so I have to watch my typing, spelling, grammar, sentance structure and whatever else comes up.

I, for some reason REALLY NEEDED to buy Jet Set Radio but noo everywhere had to be sold out and since it is so good n o one wnats to sell it second hand.

Song: Kung Fu Fighting - kinda boppy to foget about exams
Mood: Bored and stressed - bord because i dont really want to go all the way down stairs to play Crazy Taxi 2 and stressed exams are in a week!
"Responder" : Freddy Prinze Jr : because he's HOT
Game: Jet Set Radio Becuase i WANT IT and had to settle with Crazy Taxi 2