Saturday, May 25, 2002

great im in one of these ritalin enduc ed moods where i want to do some thing i want to achieve soemthing y'know and lately i have been feeling EVEN MORE environmentaly bad so right now all i want to do is go out and pick up trash and or protest somewhere abotu soemthing ritalin can sure amke a mad do strange things OR i could just make a web page but then i'd have to download dreamweaver and b ur an image editing program but i know i can design better pages thatn ross :P i used to design pages then shopw em to jared (of course hehated everything i did) and since he didnt l;ike em id just delete em because i only wanted to keep ones that i could be better that ross:) i hate being so amazingly competative ahah just good a new idea for another "rule" text of the post now if you do three unit english which im sure most of you dont you would know that a text is anything that is composed, or put to gether so in reality a text can be a painting a garden a videogame yes it can also be a poem or even a web page :)

text of the past: i guess the blogger web page because it is so helpful
song: charlies angles 200 by apollo 4 40
mood: energetic and focused
Game: crazi taxi two for no real reason
responder ross so he knows why i was always talking about web pages but never had anything to show for it :P
I LOVE the name aiden geez i hope i havent caught the crush bug from linez esp because i assume he's a homophobe and besides it hink i just like his body andn his name :P

song: im too sexy for my shirt.../
game monkey ball
mood *drools*
responder Aiden so he can realise what he is missing out on and start dating me lol
oh and one more thing i was just -0tuffy always knows the right trhing to say , meow- kidding with the term heterosexually challenged i was just trying to mock politics

song: hela good i dont know i associate it with politiicaledness
mood: see the post fo about 5 seconds ago
game: again super monkey ball
responder same as before
Three things though probably i'll think of more later

1) I WANT TO GO TO MURIELD HIGH SCHOOL i went to mick's 18th and all the guys at his party *drools* especially aiden btu remember, i have bad taste : O P

2) hmm after seeing micks party and how amazingly popular he is and then further aftyert studying she's all that with rich and eily with the whole idea of idolising one person in the school i know im arrogant but i used to feel that iwas kinda like that guy for our group but now emily and rivhard seem to be getting all the attention after alal it is (one of ) the best looking guy and the best looking girl dateing so i assume im just jealous

3) damnit i fucking forgot (and i dont swear alot) i just know there were three really importqant things i wanted to say tonight and now icant remember oh waity now i remember i think it wa a carry on from two

i think the main reason why i am therefore making such a big deal out of this whole erin fiasco is because i want to be popular again and i have always wanted a more exciting life than just sitting around being bored i used to wish that stuff like this would happen to me and now im suposed to say i wish it hadnt but im happier now with all this dcontroersy life's more exciting i dunno maybe i believe that if theres something to talk about about me i will be mopre popular if that makes sence and NOIW i hope people dont start walking up to me and saying but michael you are intertesting THST IS WHAT THE FORUM IS THERE FOR

Game: monkey ball
Song: whatever was playing on nova on the way home
Mood: tired after the two parties mick's eighteenth and evans too late to call it a birthday party party
Responder : Aiden or the guy form basketball theyre both hot in my bad opinion

Friday, May 24, 2002

For no REAL reason except i was in that sort of mood i have changed the name of my blog to .:GOAT:. i will probably change it back and realising that it really isnt THAT entertaining but they thing up the top that said "a wiley candelabera" REALLY pissed me off that mitch put it on his message board the only problem that i may encounter with this new blog name is trhat i have to feed it a steady supply of tin cans

song: shit on the radio by nelly furtado she's candian too y'know
Game: supoer monkey balls i was SOOOOO close to finishing advance mode one level left the i just quit without saving BASTD
Responder: some good looking guy mmmm men
Mood: ive been sleepy alot is sleepy a mood? it is now

Thursday, May 23, 2002

Well its that special time of year again, E3 (and for those of you who dont know or are women e3 is where all the gaming companies show fof all their products and spend ALOT of manoy on flashy lights and whstles) where all the greatest companies comeout to shine, as per usual nintendo has the biggest booth and as per usual gave free stuff away they showed off a sequel to t1080 snowboarding called white storm also planty of playtime with marioparty 4 *drools* one of about 3 nintendo serieses i acutally like there was metroid which is supposed to be good but i have no idea what to expect from it um yeah they also showed off their own portable screen not to unlike the mobile monitor except the nintendo on eshould be good :) nyke has a cool new control that has air holes and fans inside it so your hands dont get sweaty great idea if only it was made by nintendo everyone knows the rule :dont buy 3rd party accesories for controlers they ALWAYS break no matter how "good" they are

ANd i finished celdamage unles si already told you anyweaus the review of it said that it was repetative and theat you will get bored of it quickly well that happends to me for any game (except sonic adventure two *drools again* )so i didnt notice any difference :P

Song: today tis more of a sound than a song the sega scream
Mood; sleepy
Responder: miyomoto so he can somehow decifer that i am destined to become the worlds best game designer and therefor gets me a job at nintendo
Game:mario partay 4 impatient!!1

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

i need to add a disclaimer on he side : ramblings of a person dont take so seriously it is just how i feel at the time of writing may change opinion as fast as a minuit after being written but i make it a point not to change blog unless i ADD something and then i never edit anything prev written:

people keep making sure that it is ok to read my blog so to them (or to my self so i didnt lie to deon in saying that treat this as a diary because no one else reads your diary so...) why do you rhink i make this a public blog? i COULD make it so that you cant read it but nnnnaaah i just hope no one other than our immediate friends read it..... maybe not some immediate friends either....

jared wrote me a messag eby hand on paper because he didnt have msn etc so he culdnt use that THERE IS A FORUM for that reaon anything you say to me you should be able to say infron of anyof our friends SHOULD just want to stress that one more time SHOULD wasuey

ummmmmmmmmi had my three unit exam today

i kindof made up withh erin in the worst possible way ignoreing the problem and then throwing tennis balls at eachother, tom jared and luke

but i was more mad at her for telling tom that is th eonly person i thought she had told and then luke told me she had told other people oh and btw jareds erin's puppet :P

I FINISHED CEL DAMAGE!!!!!! yes thats right the worlds best game just got better 4 new caracters whack angus (a phycho bull whose totally maaaaaahd) T.rex a lounge lizard of sourts some sort of a floating brain in a jar and count dracula sinder is still the coolest

Song: you can do it put your back into it
Game: mario party four i dont know if i can wait for it to come out rrrg
Mood: impatient :P
Responder:whack angus he's maaaaahhhhhhd

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

all i can say is damn i have bad tastge in men! not personality wise but ... nevermind

Song: im to sexy for my shirt ... yknow the song
Game:celdamage go sinder
Mood: i have no idea!?
responder: on of the guys that i have bad taste in :P

Monday, May 20, 2002

geez deon is the most hypocritical person know first he tells me to see things form the otherpersons perspective the he doesnt even try to see why i have this blog from my poin t of view some people make no sence

song: are there any songs aBOUT CONFUSIONM
game : cel damage duh!
responder : freddie
mood:tired very tired
wow looks like i broke a record : number of people offended in 1 day
ok 5s still alot of people

deons angry because i was angry at him for taking the good tv he should read the thing about jared and how this is just an opinion anyways this blog seems to be more me fixing stuff than anything though im sure that if i had a private on eid still write tons of stuff he says that i should try to see things from other peoples point of view because if it had been me i woulkdnt have not let him be first player sure thats right but what does that have to do with my emotion of anger at him?

song: hmmm something with a bassoon
game: cel damage fun fun fun
mood: tired of posting all the explanations
responder why the hell not freddie price jr?
gfeez today is a VERY eventful day

aparently my blog got luke in a heap of trouble see this is the problem with the school smart people jared/erin sometimes they can be a little less smart at the sortof non school stuff if they had thought about it for about say a minuit they would realise that THIS IS MY O-P-I-N-I-O-N that means that i only posted parts of the conversation that suited my needs which was to make luke look bad

This just shows to me that jared is a hypocrit because he is always taking about bias etc yet he cant pick up simple bias that is so obvious youd have to be in a drunk slurry not to notice it?

song: follow me i just think it fits
Responder: jared and erin so they can realise how much of a bitch theyre being to luke
mood: angry at erin and jared not angry at tom i already know he is a bastd
game: cel damage that game is soooo cool!!!!
this i think will be kinda cool its going to be like a spy movie wher ei have to figure out whose lieing and whose telling the truth except i dont have so save something from imminent destruction

Song austin powers theme not quite serious enough for bond, james bond
Game perfect dark this is about spys remember
mood : sneaky *evil look*
responder maybe james bond so he can gimme a few pointers

Sunday, May 19, 2002


thats just the log in for the computers for me to do my exams last night mom was telling me that i shouldnt be stressed abut the exam,s i should just try my best i honestly thought i was onyl stressed about exams but now i realise im not stressed much about exams shock

anyways the day was going great till at the bus stop erin walks upto me infront of nick starts yelling at me for writing in my blog that i think it was that i wrote that i was angry at her anyways the fact that she said it infront of nick kinda annoyed me because it was obvious that there was som,e important involved with what she said so nick would have been thinking i wonder what this secret is why didnt mike tell me does mike not trust me and i dont want any of my friends to feel that i dodnt trust them further erin also chose the b est time to tell to yell at me right during exams so (ok i was wrong there is some stress from exams) that the stress form this got about 50 times bigger plus the stress from exams

everytime i think about erin reading my blog my "instantaneous thought" is she shouldnt be reding my blog then it goes to but remember mike your lkife is an open book kida like a reality tv show except more of a reality reality if ya know what i mean? the fact that ross was standing right next to her and she had red my blog also made me think wait if mitch has a link to ross's site then it is most likely that ross has seen mitches blog whitch then makes it likely that he has followed the link to my blog and read theat i was gay ( goddamn i hate that word it hink i'll say thjat i prefer the comapny of men in the furure or maybe hetrosexualy challenged : O ) thats why i love politivcally correctness) which i dont m ind him knowing but again it might make him think that i dont trust him enough to tell him which isnt true yet again grrr

another think that pissed me off about erin coming up and yelling at me is that i dont like face to face copnfrontations and i dont like the phone i am ok with icq aol yahoo or msn and when i tld her that she walked away as if she was soo much better than me but thats probably the work of my memory in an attempt to make me seem more dignified then jared told me that erin didnt tell him that i was heterosexually challenged he he he and this all comes after i was told by luke that she did tell jared etc [withhekld information set in here] lukes testimony had already been called into serious doubt and so has erins and jareds just a bitch but i'll get into that later.. na ill get into that now

title: why i dislike jared
everything i do, say, buy he critisizes when i decided that i wanted to do three unit english he gave me a speech about how stupid i was how there was no way that i could do three unit english and that he knew he was smarter than average and could do the three unit course but didnt because i cant remember im just glad that i could manage to keep myself from crying thereya go mitch its ya daily bitch

anyways one of the reasons why that hurt me so much was because when i was little they made me do all these tests and they saisd i was like at genious level or something and in the top 97% of people that can do puzzles and i always believed it helli still do thats whats causing the pressure form school it doesnt matter owmuch mom tells me that i only have to do my best because i know i am not giving it my best

FURTHER ilost my fone which is really quite funny consitering the circumstance

and you can see the influence from aaron on this mitchell has developed a cool little language with funky shapes and stuff and then i convinced him he didnt need the letter C so now i feel like i have "tainted his innocence" i dont even know what that means yet i still feel bad for doding it!!!!

and yet i still remain optimistic because this all was what i wanted after all i got soooo amaziungly bored with ,my life like 4 weeks ago that i amk glad there is all this action and even mofre so that it revelves around me because that means i get to partake in it.


im also slightly angry at erin for her stupididty i try to be a gentlemn so whe i se a mand not being a gentle man or a girl not being womanly it irratates me such as erin yell at luke (and me) infront of everyone at the bus stop i can list two problems with that one you (men women) are not suppoosed to raise their voice in publkic unless it is to entertain their friends( i have a modified version of gentleman) and the second thing is that we have already leant that yelling at luke doesnt work we need to do something far more sinester the yelling at luke thing especially doesnt work from erin because he has this huge vendetta gainst her


i want to know how erin saw my blog i its not imoprtant i am just curious

geez look how much i can write when i have had my ritalin

----- meverything from below here i put in a few min after i wrote everything above here-----

ok just need to add a few things
1) if anyone wants to talk to me online bur forwhatever reason cant use icq msn etc there is always my email and my blogt's message board

Song:toss up between harder better faster stringer by dasft punk because my life finally i harder better faster and i will soon be stronger and hey micky because i dunno just felt like it

mood: when i'm on ritalin i dont really have a mood because i sorta see everything equally if you know like erin yellin at me i saw the good that she was expressing her feelings and the bad nick might feel bad i dunno maybe i do and i just dont realise whatr emotion im feeling because im too buisy thinking

Game: cell damage need to hear some of sincers stupid remarks to make me laugh here re a few of the stupiderer ones:
did you just wet yourself or was that me?
guess waht........ IM HAPPY
this show suxx hey wait thats me

responder: either freddie prinze jr well thats obvious or maybe some movie director who sees my story and wants to turn it into a movie

just a quich note to point out the forum just for people to talk etc

and another quick note that i kinda feel bad for georgia sure she's a bitch but still and she shouldnt have gotten that offended at mitch's "throw us your panties" it was a joke but i dunno

song: hey baby dj otzi there was a pretty good lookin guy at basked but i have bad aste remember?
game: cel dmamge man this games is whack i think that meas really good but i dunno
Mood: tired just got back form basketball
responder howabout that guy from basket ball eh?