Friday, May 31, 2002

well im sitting here eating crackers i lent my dreamcast to rich lukes comin over....... ross was away today i think ummmmmmmmmmm not much happening lately oh except we finally are doing drama group work i have the best group erijn emily and jenny ! what you really thought i couldt stay erin (or anyone) foir longer than say.......... a week? bah your crazy

seems ross has caught the crush bug from carolinie they need a vaccine ive decided my crush on aiden wasnt really a crush i jsut like his name and body :)

im SOOOOOO diddapointed that im in the bottom advanced english class its my fav subject i try so amazingly hard and yet i fail and fail miserably i got 47 % for my exam phuck phuck phuck yes i know this blog sint exactly the ebst demonstration of my english "skills"

deb tommorow *unenthusiastic yay* and of course ther is the after deb i dont know how much i wanmt to go free anxiety attack!!!!!! yay because everyone loves that !!!!!!!!!!!........ i just gope i dont forget my gba i fogot to litter my sentances with slogans today ohwell maybe tomorrow :)

my blog seems to be alot less indepth lately ill try to fix that possibly be including a list of signif events at the top expending on them etc maybe i should rework the rule system some how... make it more interesting...

Song:mambo italiano because its good so yeh
Text: BLUe magasine because it hyas a cool name but i would assume most of my readers wouldnt like it because its a gay magazine :P actually erin would probably like it...
Responder: me...?
Mood: semi serious ish y'know
webpage: great "gear" great reviews great previews great news for the entertainkment industrye

Thursday, May 30, 2002

i think the reason why luke thinks this blog thing doesnt work is because he doesnt want/think it to will work if he doesnt want it to (repressed memories?) it wont and if he believes so strongly its kinda like the placebo effect maybe? ahwell maybe i should learn something about psychology before i go analysing people :

i keep stealing mitches (oh soo cool) phrases:
shizle ma nizzle
Zippy cool

mostly because mine are well crap:
wasuey (dont ask)
MAN , you need a nasty zapper
i have a feeling its going to become *dances*
complex hydro-dynamics
i know i'll steal some from cel damage but not from sinder his are a little too.... well heres an example
did you just wet yourself or was that me? hmmmmmmm maybe i CAN use that with "wet" as a metafore

Mr banes didnt take offence at my essay , DAMNIT ohwell i feel better now (now now now) its a commercial dont worry i could start peppering my sentances with company slogans

youve got to admit its getting better, better all the time phillips
on panasonic
making life easier for you
prepair to fly (XP)
simple yet elegant (i dunno just made that up :)
yes, (optus)
tell everyone about tele one hmm too abvious
i think the sega scream would be too obvious aswell...
where do you want to go today?
Mco the marketplace company :D
the aol difference(aol time warner)
gaming giants (nintendo)
born to play(nintendo) i LIKE that one
the nintendo difference (duh)
the biggest name in games (duh)
just do it (duh does adidas have a slogan?)
looks wierd sounds good (nokia 5510)
built ford tough
oh what a feeling toyota
gaming 24/7 (gameboy adv)

song:nasty girl because man you neeed a nasty zapper
game: burnout!!!!!!! maaaaaahd
text: my blog :) because i cant thing of anything else
Responder: hmmmmmmm ME for once
mood:playfull i just am damnit its my default setting
and another new rule web page: pissed off at enron , bastds

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

umm i got some cool business plan stuff maybhe i might just be able to beat rich and emily yay *dances* yeah i know im overly competative i already told me that remember? ohyeah

i think i will take the dreamcast to lend to rich tomorrow he said he wanted to borrow i dont know if it was serious or not i hope i remember to take it for him...

song: there is a specific sone by basement jax but i cant remember hte name because its good
game:crazy taxi2 reminde dof it because of the rich-dreamcast thing
mood:dunno geez what is with me i guess im neutral then
t4ext: ummm 1984 by george orweel tis maaaahd
responder:rich so he knows whats comin to him
i want eternal darkness grrrrrr i cant wait it sounds soooo good god damn i cant wait to plug it into my cube *drools*

i felt soo bad today for the first half of 3eng i had lost a vital pieve of information to our group assignment eep!

caroline has been away for a while im starting to get concern its like the curse of mrs aldersons english class mitch mitch and caroline seem to alternate on the days that they want to come to school

i love ign...... dont mind that theyre just a mahd web page though i personally recomend

i SHOULD be working on my business plan but im not... i will after i finish this entry becuase i owe it to you my loyal figmentsd well youy might not be loyal but anyways

i think i have decided NOT to go to the after deb depending where its held if its somewhere familiar then prolly if its somewhere not familiar such as cherybrooke high or tims then i wont go so it looks like im not goin :P

ive discovered some internet ngamer slang that i actually like "gib" its mad it either means to explode or to die it sounds so harsh in real life but in games its all cool now io sound like one of those de sesiticed computer nerds...

wasuey , thats MY word and if you dare steal it i kill you taco bell and just for iropny's sake FUCKWAFFLE :P heres laughing at you mitch :)

i got my suit for the formal i ofcourse had to be beter than everyone so i got a tux a cane gloves and a top hat :) so yeah suck it !!

song: anything by basement jaxx right now :)
Game eternal darkness its just supposed to be so fucking good
MOOd: playful dunno why
text: eternal darkness apparently the voice acting and scripting in it is amazing i cant wait
responder: how about armani so he realises how good i look in a suit and decides to tailor make me one of every piece of clothes he designes for a guy etc!!! , i know im shallow sometimes

Monday, May 27, 2002

theres a few things i want to write about my drama exam and my psychologist possibley even about 1 2 3 4 5 i dont know WHY i just wrote that but i did and thats ALL thats important im so amzingly sleepy :O

text: my blog!!
song: get me off by basementjaxx
Game:monkeyball YAYA
mood:sleepy like that other day that i was sleepy yuhno
responder: some big sexy guy :) hey im a teenage male remember i have hormones :)