Saturday, June 15, 2002

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............................................ im so cynical.......

Friday, June 14, 2002

just to clear something up i didnt say luke i ssuicidal i said his address is and hes always talking about how he hats all those dperessed suicidal people on msn etc etc
hmmmm this morning i was like COOL yahoo is getting a new front page and everyones like so? who cares? etc i think th eproblem with out society is that we only focus on big thrills and ignore the little things caroline thought it was funny that i love looking at a light in fog etc if people would jsut realise how cool such simple things are instead they see it as not up to par agaisnt a roller coaster or whatever so i say to them BAH!!!

and in math today i discovered if i combine art wiht math by making my letters look cool (i try to keep them like bank gothic ) i focus more because i noticed that when im off ritalin i can easily focus on things i enjoy right? right so i realised half way through doing it that i enjoy art and that by doing it at the same time i will focus on both (yes i know multi tasking is what women do but this is moire squish tasking)

Aaron (every other week) seems to say that our group is splitting up bah its "tighter" than it has ever been we always hang around at lunch etc the only thing that could be a threat is when we have activities and limit it to only basket players or only this or only that...

ive decided to include some biref news stuff that i find interesting for whatever reason

Apple has bought a small software who made the suftware that

generate the graphics for titanic as part of their move to try to mve into the major film market

bush's goverment released proof that ther green house effect is baaaaaaad and the he completely backfliped because his powercompany owning friends thought i t was a bad idea, fuckwit.

hmm i dont like this idea its to much effort if its particularly with noting then i ll mention the news ifnot it shall be ignored (you cant spell ignorant slut without IGN)

this just seems to be going on and on so i'll just stop now ok?

Thursday, June 13, 2002

ok first of all the am,erican school thing is still jhsut an extreme possibility we only just found out about it ... yesterday so yeah theyre sending us some info etc so yeah dont panic ... yet :P
Heres some interesting news, since i am thinking/trying to go to an american usinversity, Digipen (i know its a stupid name shut up i hate you na na na na na na)

so anyways mom found about this school with abnother stupid name, the american school basically it runs on the american sylabus and at the end you sit the S.A.T.s instead of the H.S.C. so two possibilities switch there for the first term of something something OR switch after i do my has just in term to do the end of their school year and do the SATs hmmmmm its kinda like a slap in the face of aron he has always had a thing against americans hge just has bad taste everyone knows americans have teh best accents i'll be in heaven if i do go to that american school american guys are always better looking

Um on a lighter note i had my math tutor t'nite fiund out he and barnsley were really bug competitords in school for everything leadership, marks etc

i am currently using 4 math text books and i am going to get another one as soon as the book store gets em in then i'll be using four :P ohwell sex is so amzingly good i ofcourse wouldnt know though dont think anything can beat the feeling of giddy excite ment brought on from watching charlies anges the movie i know i have bad taste with movies

anywyas i better go study some math or english FUN FUN FUN

vote in my poll damnit or post in my forum damnit

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

ok heres just a few for tonight then i'll add a few more each day i might in the end put these in boxes on the side meh

Aaron: nice guy generally playful and fun but seems to avoid anything serious nlike the plague yet seems to manage to keep an air of seriousness about him by refering to old politicians like lennin and stalin etc

Jared good balance between political something something and just plain silly ness though maybe he's a little to obsessed with the political side of things ohwell hes not as bad as he used to be with insulting me so he's back on my good list with everyone less one person

Erin: playful always happy shes kinda like a bimbo except smart wierd huh btu she pulls it off wiht a certain style and finess she's always willing to listen but i think maybbe she listens too much because she'll be mid conversation with me and then tim willk come up say something and the two of them wil be off and you wont see them untull like someother time

nyeh thats enough
I had a way cool math tutar tonight basically i just go do my homework and he helps me with it btu there are akso three other kids there theres joe and clair clair goes to L??? highschool she seems pretty nice, Joe i spretty quiet maybe sometime i should bive a brief desc of my closer friends?

eng speech today and it was soo cool except the part that emrich wrote for me twas really cnfusing the part me and jordy wrote was really good though everyone laughed i compared the main character to an apple "and zack was definately an apple" other cool quotes :
"he's hip to the square wiht perfect hair"
"the sexiest boy in school oooh"

mitch seems to be working on the sequel to his current layout but if you ask me its far to virtual boy .

why are none of my friends on tonight i feel so lonely well thats normal, that theotther thing i feel if i dont feel anxious is just plain lonely i hate being such a love sick puppy :P though i think i would be happy if i moved in with friends though i would probably end up needing someone closer

damn people that dont care about the environment i mean i just dont understand it and i know there is nothing i can say or do to stop them from litering etc but right now its the most upsetting thing in the world for them t be destroying the world i duno it sounds so cliche when its put like that i just wish there was some buttin i could push on everyone so they suddenly realise what theyre doing to them selfs apparently part of manhatten will be submerget by 2040 i think it was that number seems so far off but we'll only be middle aged by then why dont people realise why ? the worst part is that in 2002 everything is just being ruined :(

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

what is it with people and being all like no you cant see my web pag ein progress its like theyre scared that you'll be able to give them valueable advice especially because i have already seen parts of it its almost as annoying as deon telling me to shoosh mid conversation!!! its like fuck hmm i seem to be getting more fluent in the klanguage of swear
i jus tnoticed lukes blog is suicidal... yet he always complains aboput the people he talks to on msn being suicidal etc ohwell it could go back to the idea he wants attention
english done and i know it is fantabularishtic wonderful sexy and all the rest i got jordy to help me with it she even studies the same movies as our groups she made my sentances make sence lots of good humoured jokesetc

though i know im ove analising this comment from emily (she and richard seem to be in the news alot lately maybe im just trying to draw the attention away from who ever i like) she said you can always change it but she knew full well that i wasnt comfortable with my english skills and there wasnt nouigh time she may have been offended because she wrote that part and i of all people was suggesting that it wasnt for lacjk of beter words hot stuff. however she (more likely) could have been saying that i can feel free to change it just like that no secret undertone

other than that today was good i got lots of work from mrs alderson even more work from the math dept and avas was a way so i could focus on english avas is one of my math tutor who normaly comes over but he was sick so he couldnt so jordy just stayd late and now i get to write in my blog i like writing in my blog it feels like people actually listen or whatever right now the only thing that i seem to be worrying about is the environment and that people dont like because there are alot of people who dont like other people and the "other" people dont even know it and even think that they are good friends

um i really should change that poll and i have a semi sexy design for a new layout (inspiriation from the upcoming new yahoo look) but since i succor at html it wont come to beless i get ross opr mitch or deon to help me wiht it

Sunday, June 09, 2002

went out for dinner with rich em jared erin ingrid and luke twas excilent

Pac Mac Jak says:
well the food was good then we walked across to baskin robbins yum
when we got back we went to our spot under the restraunt and leanne called people tok terns talking then luke and jared choreographed a fihgt for us
   the police came and asked us to move so we went over to a near by plaze
   plaza sorry and we hung aROUND AND talked about everything conversation usally turning to sex
   then em and rich went me and erin ran off for sex

iotwas quite cool erin finally realised that i hadnt wanted ehr to tell everyone that it was my magazine (DAMN CAPS LOCK) dont woory long story may go into it later anyways we just sortof hung around and chatted and it was super ultra (ha ha mitchel) zippy cool

i spent such a long time looking for clothes to wear i loked through my closet qand john s and all my cool clothes had dissapeared i go complain to mom and she gets me to look in dads closet lo and behold there it is a stash of my lclothes :D

ive given up on the rules all together too much time and effort as for the voting its a fifty fifty so i dindt know if i shoulf keep it i wish people would use my forum to tell me why i should/shouldnt keep it he he he unrelated anyways c yaz
cough tecting cough cough *high pitches squeals nd stuff*