Saturday, June 22, 2002

Im soo bored stuck here doing english at least I have pop tarts mmmmmmmm , I didnt check if the last post i made with this thing actually posted so for all i know this could just dissapear.

Easily takes the cake for my favourite movie of all time. It has everything a movie needs. Sexy guys (Freddie Prinze Jr come on as if he isnt the second best looking guy, after me of course). Sexy women I dont know why it needs sexy women to be on my list but all the good movies seem to, Resident Evil Charlies Angles and Scooby Doo. It has funky music and cool locations. In this particular instance theyre at a cooooool (insert spoiler here). re hee hee hee. Hey how long do you think I could talk like scooby. You know replasiny ( and no I don't know how to spell replacing ) most constanats with R's?

OK, I have discovered at least one problem with my chat client, I'm pretty sure it gets messages in the wrong order. but other than that its pretty cool. I am so glad that IE 5 now utilised the text rounding ino OS X it looks soo much better.

I think I have become disturbed at people like Ross and Deon etc who can play games like Soldier of Fortune Two. Then laugh about how they threw a fire bomb around a corner came aroun d a corner saw the two guys buring then shot them both in the head. I decided to give up violent games and movies for a little while (blood etc wise) and i must say as far as i can tell games and movies like that most definately do desensitise you. Most people that saw Resident Evil werent scared because it was just a whole bunch of people dies in bla bla bla . HELLO PEOPLE DIEING? i think i am going to have to change the subject or else I wont be able to sleep.

i downloaded a patch so i could use apple works in osx it took me quite alot of effort. i downloaded half of it in internet explorer then i had a look in msn and surprise it disconected me funny how tha tonly happens when im using msn?! so then I decided to try it with MOZILLA ( the far superior browser that netscape is based on) it was going fine so I decided to download the new version of IE (I NEED all good browsers I have Mozilla IE and Omniweb). It worked it was only a patch so I installed it. do you know what the first thing that it did when I opened the installer? IT QUIT MOZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i had to start again. This time I decide to use the new IE just to be safe. It downloads succesfull unzips "mounts" the hard drive. I open the installer and "cannot find Apple Works 6.0" on this computer. I think " I must have moved it" so I look in applications OS 9 then i look in applications OSX the i look in "stuff" then i look in home. I decide its futile searching by hand so I open the search program. IT tells me to "add folders and index them." I add every single folder in my hard drive folder (which is cross referanced with efery other folder on my computer so that emans my whole computer is being searched). I finally finish this. Guess what? No Apple Works. so in the end no image editing programs at all!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 21, 2002

First of all im just testing if this works i downloaded some wierd spookey program that will (if i treat it nicely and buy it pretty things)

Thursday, June 20, 2002

well it seems luke's blog has officially ceased to exist or was moved to stop prying eyes but i doubt the latter he never seemed to think it was such a good idea

the only thing that i can say is that it takes along time for somethings to sink in :-)
EAURG i have spent at least two hours looking for the video clip for SHAKE UR BODY br Shy Fx & T Power i tried mtv they seemed to have huindreds of videoclips but no mention of shy fx OR t power i tried yahoos music search it took my like a half an hour to msift through all of their music videos that started with s and they didnt habe it i have also tried lime wire nand no sign of it!!!!!!!!!!! uber annoying damnit deons lookin for me

i just listend to how many licks by little kim and sisqo first time i listedn i was like woahj cool video clip i just downloaded it and WOAH nymphomaniac alert!!! its like erin ... on steroids and viagra and some wierd thing i saw in amcal called horney horney goat weed lol

then right after that song eminem comes on lol who here loves irony :D

our (emily me erin and jennI) drama thing is kicking ass.
scene 1: people talking the media pops up wispers something runs off and then theur conversation changes to be evil..
scene2: lights go our make funky noises on boxes then sing blinded by the light, whats black, whats black whats white whats white and read all over and rea dall over ... hey guys yeah what is read all over? ITS A SUNBURNT ZEBRA no silly its a news paper then we have some wierd scared by the medai thing
scene 3 : me and emily are sitting with the audiance jenny gets up (as britny spears) goes ya ya ya cough guys this isnt working me andf emily say things like comeon britney time is money and comeon i have to go talk to shakira in an hour etc etc i tell em to get her a drink she does britney drinks the pepsi gets a pretzel chokes on iti become george dubbaya bush we make a few plays on how stupid he is make a wierd square thing then i forget the order of the scenes from there lol i sucxxor

no one ever emails me or fones me actually thats not true i got an email from caroline telling me that i wasnt online some night i think it used the words you suck alot more

apparently i have ANOTHER new tutor this time it is some lady for math so thats 3 math tutors 2 english hmmmmm mom just mentioned my name.....

i really have to stop insulting people its just so hard though ohwell ill just keep trying...

who is mom talking to .......

AHAH shes talking to lukes moom amrie muahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha nyeh

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

wieeeerd dream last night it starts off at home mom and dad are talking about something then were at towers cept that uncle pete's toys has become go lo and from there on everything about towers is changed anyways mom is walking and i just go to have a look in go lo i just on something break and carry on then i notice some other kids doing it so then i go over to where my mom is then she steals something and we leave buy a pistol and go home on the way home mom tells mrs mcfadden she smells (WTF?) then we get home and she decides she doesnt want to guun anymore so i wrap it up in retro wrappingpaper
hm sick new icons... no exams plenty of super smashbros renting a game life doesnt get much better untill you walk outfront and find a Z3 with Freddie prinze Jr in it thoiugh thats never guna hapen so i'll stick with the perfect day that i had already.

letsee what happened today?... got up went out to towers with mom looked at a few books. couldnt find any that interested me. Well thats not tru i found the James Bond Books i tried to convince mom that $AU 50 for a book want THAT much but mothers always seem to want to save money well at least mine does. After that she gave me money to get breakfast i got a samwich ( a REALLY bad one but samwiches cant ever be THAT bad) .

I got home and played around with my icons and i found this uber cool one its a black shiney looking folder (it looks better than it sounds) with this [in my opinion] awesom gun pistol and no jared if your reading this a gun cannot be beautiful / work of art. purely for the fact that for something to be beautiful it has to have a beautiful cause (and yes beauty is a beautiful cause) but guns even the ones that are meant to look good or are filled with cement etc cannot be beautiful because they collectively have one cause (i am allowed to stereotype man made objects if i so see fit)

On the topic of art me and Carline's friend, Katles have comeup with an idea;
were going to each start with the same basic topic then make the art work and see how the two turn out differently im thinking i'll do some type of statue or somethinjg.

hmmm oh i have my fone back but it still has call barring on it. oh and according to the C|net guide to blogging im supposed to apologise (is profusely the right word here) for not updating for a while but... C|net isnt always right.

i've been sick for the past few days right? Right. so i havent been at school. Duh. since i wanst at school i got my brother to hand in my art asignment etc etc and i got the dr's note for why i didnt sit my art exam etc etc the problem comes in today when i realised that i didnt get anyone to hand in my brt!!! (business research task) so i'll either get 0 or she'll accept that i was sick i dunno

anyways super smash brothers is MAD exept that samus pises me off... ALOT. theres some new character... obviously it is a sequal. Anyways theres this one guy well.. two and well ones not a man... ... ... ... ... Anyways theyre the ice climbers. Nana and Popo. Popo is the guy, and you controll him and na na follows him around (resists urge to make sexist comment) and partakes in the attacks (but only when theyre side by side) the best thing is that nana tends to confuse the other player who will often go after nana even though any damage done to na na doesnt count!!!now if you understood all that i think i deserve an award!

there is another character, marth he's abit wierd.... hes got alot of blue .. oooh oooh theres a cool feature in super smash bros melee where you collect trophies and stuff and these trophies are high res pictures of really old game characters like from the original nintendo, super nintendo etc and there are some really obscure ones aswell. like some balloonn figher or something and isome ooooother really obscure d00ds. itssototallyandabsoloutleywichedawesomcooland... M A A A A A A H D

one of the few nintendo games i actually enjow other than marioparty :D

ok back to NON NINTENDO (i thought i'd make that stand out for those of you who saw the word nintendo or something like thant and deiced to skip on)

i have mitches fotos sitting right next to my so i shouldnt forget them tomorrow which should make him happy :D

i love it when you go to type something to someone on msn and its just one word like "what?" except you make a typo and it comes up with something completely stupid lik "hat?".. i just noticed that reads lick hat he he he i love typos.

letsee if i can think of something interesting to put in here...if i was just typing what i was saying every second word would be a cough, cough.

im checkin out a few blogger competitors just to see if there are any that i can upload pictures into my entries then id put in pixx of the iceclimbers and my ubercool new icons hee hee especially my msn icon did i already mention it? ok after reading through my entry i have realised that i sdont know how you people read this and make ence of it i not only make alot of typos but i just plain forget words and no i havent mentioned it so:
In os x (you know mac the superior computers... think different? you people really really suck ) ther eis the dock so i changed the msn messnger icon to a yellow triange with a black exclamation mark (you know the caution thing) and i changed the name msn messenger to CAUTION then i dragged msn to the dock and now whenever i wnt to load msn it says caution heh heh its nifty but i dont think it will amek me stop ang go do homework like i should
night all sweet dreams etc etc