Saturday, June 29, 2002

"That's it! You people have stood in my way long enough. I'm going to clown college!"

Friday, June 28, 2002

this is my fourth browser so far after omni web ie mozilla this is "navigator" lets see if this works :)
the Poll will be up as soon as i figure out... HOW!
remember that "jice" (i meant JUICE) from "biist" (boost) i just got more mmmmmmm im happy now and i ws happy before infact today ahs been another one of those good days. i found out thatr so far my mark in the two unit test (math) is pretty good im finished drama therefor no stress i got my business plan mark back Me and aaron got 20/20 top of the class :D im happy as a clam (who says clams dont have problems too it should be happy as a mike :P)

i hope emily gets better soon schoool is soo boring without her though theres no more school.... hmmm ...

i am SOOOO confused ( no im not going to tell you why but thanks for asking :))

im SO amazingly pissed off at joch since he had a "psychotic episode" because of stress now moms doing most of his homework so he doesnt get stressed giving him plenty of money etc etc in other words he's going to grow up have a problem and have to call mommy to fix everything hes also been such a bastd to me lately he thinks the fact that he drives me everywhere gives him the right that i will do everything he says or maybe its the fact that mom and dad seem to have lost the word no in their vocabulary when talking to him. so when i want to turn the heater on im not allowed to becaus eit makes him feel like he's chocking whenever he wants to play gamecube i have to isten to his music etc bastd i am really not liking him right now.

on a happier note i got enough juice (i felt kinda stupid waking outa there with two cups lol) to last me tomorrow aswell ... yummmy

Thursday, June 27, 2002

i swear biist make the BEST jice i finally bought a "wheat grasshopper" which is orange pineapple mint and wheat grass ( i wanted to try whear grass for whatever reason) and it was sooooo goood i wanted to have more MORE MORE *drools* i bet it has cocane in it thats why its so damned addictive

drama went excilent everyone laughed @ our jokes etc

mrs wordsworth like my art ... so do i... except she says Aaron needs feet, mitch w agreed with her :P

yeah I felt bad after gettign ym math mark back (4/38) but then i had drama after that i felt a lot better and then (LOTS OF TYPOS TONIGHT) the juice yum made it into one of th ebest days yet mmmmmm

... yada yada yade ... yade?

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Damn older people.......... anyone over the age of... hmmmm 18 is evil except Gina and freddie prinze jr...

Monday, June 24, 2002

i feel pretty bad now after saying all those mean things about na na sorry nana i still love you but i needed a victim in know this wont reconcile us but its the best i can dom for now but someday i will make it up to you.....
I have decided to write an essay, Why Popo is better than Nana.

Popo is better than nana for amny reasons the first and most obvious being their colours. then there is the matter of their names. But further their individual personalitys do shine through in the game so that will be a main focus of this essay. There is also the rumors surrounding Nana's alleged sleeping with clintong.

Popo, What is your first thought when you think of pop? a cool blue not unlike the ocean float over your mind you picture and agile leader bounding off cliffs and whatnot in an attempt to bash his opponent silly think of Nana and what do you get a pansy ass pink that is good for nothing other than following Popo. This si one of the most strong reasons of why Popo is far better than Nana. Also Blue represents cool calm and collected even if he doesnt portrey these aspects he was smart enough to choose these colours where as Nana simply went oooooh pink! not realishing what it said about ehr at all.

ok tell me which do you think is better the much more original POPO it just rolls off you tongue. Or NANA which conjures up images of old ladies ?Popo it sounds cheery light hearted and playful, nana sounds lazy and sombre. also the letter p and the letter o are much nicer to look at than the n and a the o representing the eternal struggle of ice climbing the p is the representation of completeing that struggle and risinig above it. na na think of it again? cheap 80's rock music n it goes up, SUCESS but then goes tdown to a miserable failure and a same thing excepot this time they took a short cut through the middle bastds

Now you say its a simple fighting videogame how can they have personalities? well i'lll tell you how. Popo leads all attacks and is always infront nana is just tagging along like a worthless sheep. when Nana falls off the screen nothing happens except POPO is left to fend for himself usually succesfully but when POPO falls off nana immediately disapreas and they reaappear on that wierd floaty thing that the characters enter in. So nana cant even think for her self she is the equivalent of a robot. exceopt she was too stupid to copy his clothes . Now popo he is a real leader always taking chances and showing initiative. he always leads in the smash atacks and such

Now for the Nana scandal which i am sure ytou have all heard about on the news. Well if nana decided to finally not follow pop she certainly chose a strange way , she copied monica lewinsky instead. Now clinton isnt presidnet and she has brought down the name Popo with her that dirty dirty bitch .

Now as you can see Popo is clearly way better that nana but could he survive on his own? of course not his attacks ar ehalf as powerful and he loses some attacks out rifght such as the rope jump thing which us useful if you need to get up quick (not in that sense) se there is some need for Nana but i must say Popo is definately my favourite of the two if not all of super smash bros melee

ok i just changed the blue boxes just a little a really little i would add more boxes but i always forget to update them hmm ohwell

lets see what happened today?.....

art was uneventful though i did come up with a cool name for my work "CLICK*" and yes that star SHOULD be there

school wasa boring i saw my psychologist which wasnt to bad becausxe nothing really eventful has happened recently so there was really nothing to talk about then i had to go to the english tutorts yay great fun. she is the most boring tutor she had me doing language and stuff bah!

appaqrently mitch ias guna have a big update so head over to his page

I had the best day today. started off I woke up, kinda, it felt like I had slept in. You know that warm relaxed feeling. I go down stairs and find out that i dont have to deal with john and i have the most delicious pop tarts mmmmmm. I get to school and all my friends are there, well, enough of my friends are there. Art was uneventful, I want in the mood for work, Perfect. Drama was nice just relaxing in the sun. Then at recess I lent some money to Erin, helping people always makes me feel good. After recess we had a math test which was nice and easy I guessed this one question figured it out and it was right!!! so then at lunch I went with Nick and Aaron to see some silly lady who didnt exist today (from now on if someone is not at school they dont exist :D). After a delightful lunch of chit chat i went to english which is always entertaining we ended up watching the new version of A Midsummer Night's Dream, which was pretty cool lycander was half naked and he wasnt half bad in this version :). Then business studies it was fun I mocked Aaron Nick mocked Ross and Ross mocked Nick. Mitch, I assume, Was bored. After school my mom was waiting for me with the most delicious of samwiches mmmmmmmmmmm. then it was off to the psychologist no big deal, then to the tutors which isnt too bad i meet new and interesting people always cool. and then home where I played super smash bros and beat my broski WOO HOO he kicked my ass a few days ago but I practised (first time ever) and kicked his ass with NANA AND POPO GO POPO GO POPO GO NANA GO NANA i wouldnt have been able to do it without them :).had a quick mini pizza dinner. Watched Simpsons, always good And chatted a while and now were upto now pretty cool day huh? i know its just like every other day but i chose to single out today!!!!!!! :D

Sunday, June 23, 2002

Fairly busy day today. i spent about 3 of the first 5 waking hours doing english work, then jordy came over and we almost finished(I'm doing the final touches now). i spent the next hour oranising people going out to dinner before the game (y'know basketball) we went to burger king it was mmm ok. We had a great game (we lost but we havent won a single game). after the game the ref comes up and says hey have we met? i didnt think so but he knows my name he was pretty good looking too in my warped opinion, well he was ok i guess. I wonder where he knew me from? Nothing really eventful today though i changed my pole!!! yay uber exciting. anyways back to english i may update later if i have time/ remember