Friday, July 05, 2002

hmmm things that irratate me: (ok my definition of pis me off isnt like damn... that is annoying its more like FUCK shut up GRRRRR ACK like really angry)

Stupid People
Stupid people calling me "dumb"
non-apreciative peope
people "pretending" to like me EG anyone at school that pretends to be my friend thats in my group because of all of our groups hiding that sort of thing i am now paranoid but also john hobee who walks by and is like "hey mike"
People that try to pull me out of my ignorant bliss ( if i am going to wake upto it there is nothing you can do but right now i dont want to im happy as is!, America is good people are good everyone has flaws)
People that mock stuff, choices that i have put alot of time into i can stand a little teasing but when every other day people are like oooh gamecube this and oook expensive fone that and ooo materialistic basted, he wouldnt even know a fucking good *anything* if it came up and did a tapdance on his head with "italian slippers"
Pessimistic people calling it "realism"
people that are insensitive to other people

Things that dont irratate me
Hypocrits (gives me someone to laugh at)
Love songs (inspire love in me DUH)
Arguements i Love argueing
Bad jokes
smart people thinking theyre not
Depressed people

Things i dont talk about with people
Only thing i can think of is i dont like talking about the person im taling with...

Things i do like talking about
etc pretty much anything though something i kinda accidentily stear off topic...

Thursday, July 04, 2002

Ok you know that expression, be care ful what you widh for? well i am glad i was yesterday with my post i only asked for action and i definately got it!!!

ok started off as normal had tutor etc etc how exciting blah blah blah then i had a Dr apt (no not a psychology Dr fool) i had a sore ear twas nothing. on the way out John (you know my stupid idiot brother) managed to hit a pole (it scratched along the side) with out car. He was full freaked out and worried etc it was nothing big really mom want angry. Then he dropped his fone lol.

After that twas all good (cept i formatted my hard drive and osx didnt like estimating time so while it was installing the time was going up... wierdo then when there was five minuites left it took another hour!!!)

Life was calm for a little while so I got john to take me to Mcdonalds. as we were driving he got a call from "one of his friends" he was like are you sure it doesnt sound like "insrt name of his friend" hes likeok meet at my house. Then i hear what sounds like someone screamingon the other side of the fone, later turns out to be the guy that john punched last week like "fuck you pussy not man anough for a fight" etc so when we got to mcdonalds we all got our food super uber fast then mick drove me home while john organised all his friends to go up to towers to fight.

i guess they all arrived at different times because when tree and mannix (two really big guys) got there they were ambushed 10 to 2 apparently and beat up mannix had a black eye. Then they get home etc and they went in the house, they heard the guys that had ambushed tree and mannix drive by. the guys that had ambushed threw bricks at tree and chris's cars

so then mom called the police they came around and were really nice (and for caroline i'd give them about a 5.5 / 10 loook wise) but they couldnt do anything because we didnt know the lcense plate.

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

long time no update.

what really pisses me off about our group is that people that really don't like eachother dont let them know through body language or even more direct form theyre always like oh hi so and so I am so glad to saee you etc etc if they dont know that you dont like them then how are they supposed to change?

so im stuck trying to figure out does he really like me or is she really my friend..?

it was kinda funny i was on mns to luke and i was like luke whats most important to you. he didnt say friendship or love, safety or a good life no he said merely the things that his mom has told him save money get good marks and kill his dad even if the last one was a joke im sure there would have been many times that his mom has said stuff thats not nice in regards to his father.

i think i definately need to tell an authority figure about luke...

um on a lighter note I have decided that i agree with caroliner sam is kinda cute :D and i think i'll add brazilian to the list of accents that i like of new york texan chicago and london

yeah i decided that at the city we went to the art gallery then through the botanical gardens then the rocks all because mitch wanted a certain samwich, nyeh it was fun then we sat on a hill and played soccer wsith a bottle :) and stole luke's shoes

i had two tutors today which was good because i got lots and lots of work done

nothing really eventful seems to happen which is really really annoying because i hate being bored

apparently erin dislocated her knee ... ouch! but apparently she has a good lookin ski instructer so she's content

not much to say to buisy rtying to do stuff, get apple works off deon organise the movies etc etc