Friday, July 19, 2002

I dont value my friends enough, I probably value them mopre than most people but still yuo can naver value a true friend enough

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

I have lost the little respect that i had for john hes rude insulting he does things exclusively to impress other people (in a bad way) he's impolite he's not apreciative he doesnt realise what a good llife he has he has no empathy as far as i can tell he has no jimminy cricket as far as i can tell no little voice that tells him to stop this and that

on a lighter note i thinik i have an auditory memory which is really odd.... In my opinion its odd anyways

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

i had the strangest dream last night. started off wtih mom going mike go to *i think it was kings school not sure tho* so i hopped in my Z3 (WOO Hz3OO) and started driving i took a wrong turn at the harbour bridge (but i didnt care because i loved driving in my Z3 so i just kept going and going eventually i stopped and got out of the car i talked to someone and all of a sudden a squall came up (arent they only at sea? ohwell it was a SQUALL) when it ended i ran to my car john said he'd drive (whats he doiung there?) so i jumped in the roof was ripped so i stood up while he was driving we droving into town and we saw mom and were like mom we gota park the car undercover we could be in the eye of the squall (in my dream i think my mind was mixing up squalls and cyclones) so john parked the Z3 under a really big tree after trying to park it onto of an termite mound (WTF?) and then i woke up

ohwell it was a cool dream i had a Z3 and i loved it :D the squal was pretty interesting too...
i got aa very disconcerning message from richards mobile "is it true that after u put a dildo up ur ass your fone locks" so for the rest of the day i have been worrying and stressingt but it doesnt seem like richard at all....

this template looks really cool except fro theose stupid A things and the dashes

Monday, July 15, 2002

WHY IS MINI GOLF SO WIERD?! everyone loves minigolf? ohwell me ingrid deon evan and mitch horwood are going so it vill be uber cool

on a nother note i got a new dreamcast game.... then realised i had lent my dreamcast to rich, meh i'll lent him quakle 3 arena as well when i see him
back from hamilton island so time to update blog

im sure i forget most fo the events but i'll remember more as i go along. one of the things that made the holiday was the ammount of money me and john got...$70 a day :D heh heh heh money

I bought a cd set "hits of the 90's" it is so amazingly cool!!!!!!! it has a speed mracer remix and a who;le bunch of other cool stuff then i proceeded to get sick but that didnt stop me from participating in mini golf with john mick mom and dad i (ofcourse) came first tied with mick (if i didnt know he was straight i would swear he was flirting with me) then we went for dinner at the steak house tres goodly

next day went with john while they were "looking for hotties" and i went with them to a few bars i wasnt asked for id once... theat could be because i didnt ask for id though john and mick werent asked so i coulda got drunk (damn you anxiety)

um things pretty much get mixed up from there but we went to tucan tango alot while john got drunk i had hot chocolate they had stuff like trivia bingo kareoke etc

another cool thing about hamilton island is that everyone drives golf buggies in leu of cars so its alot safer

i fell out of the golf cart

it was fun mick (driving) turned around and lookmed when i was halfway to the ground :) it is now the fames Mike's corner

"dont you think its time we started
doing what we always wanted" that is going to be my new motto

few days a blur of sleeping eating shopping drinking sunning spa-ing etc

then john and mick finally met some "hotties" two unit students from southcarolina one doing journalism (john's) and one doing architecture i swear if it wasnt for me john and mick woulda got no where for half the time they were just sitting there saying nothin i had to make most of the conversationg but mick succeeded and scored in the spa and john on the beach, me i went for a walk and saw a possum, arent i lucky?

the next day i rented a video camera we went for a drive and it was cool first john dropped dads coleslaw on tape then i dropped johns colslaw on tape :D then i did a stupid unfunny and un entertaining tour of the island which took me three hours i got some film of the two girls playing minin golf i got every single interesting place except for the karting and target shooting


then i bought wild 16 wow so exciting.... yawn

oh yeah some time during the duration of the trip we rented a boat and went out to an island dad and mick went snorkelinjg john and mom were boring so i went for a walk ( i forgot to tell anyone i sugested to mick that i would walk around the island i decided to take myself up on the offer) about half way around the island i hurt my ankle and couldnt walk for a wile :D exactly what i want more excitement in my life so then i kept walking then i slipped oin that smae foot and fell i put my hand an a rock covered sea shells and cut it up so now i have a cool souciner from hamilton island my white shirt which has bloog stains :D i finally get back to the place where mom is shes been woried (it took me 2 hours) she haad sent john and mick mick didnt have shoes ong . me and dad went out in the boat to look for them we found them and we all went home.

i'll show y'all the crappy tape sometime i also got a cool hammer :D

the other cool thing abiout hamilton island evertything is open till 9:00 like canada

i cant believe i forgot to mention this but this really cool guy asked me out he's candian aswell were meeting tomorow somewhere he's one of three cool guys i talk to "andy tom and jason" this guys canadian so far i wouldnt mind going out with him though i think tom mihgt feel bad

carolines gone to her beach house thatmeans bordem and sane bed times

i think thats all for now

(olay olay olay olay feelin hot hot hot)